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Freemasonry, Greek Philosophy, the Prince Hall Fraternity and the Egyptian (African) World Connection by Keith Moore

Freemasonry is a system of learning that has been recognized as a product of western civilization, however what is not told is the influences by people of African descent. This book describes the contributions to freemasonry from the Ancient African civilizations of Egypt, Nubia and pre Islamic Arabia. It is designed to give the reader a deeper understanding of its origins and its connection to world civilization and religion, all of which has an African presence. This book will also looks at the universe of the African Masonic organization from the early 18th century to the 20th century America, which ranged from the origins of Prince Hall Freemasonry to Black Nationalism and esoteric religious sects like the Moorish Science Temple of America, the UNIA and several other offshoots. Contrary to prior accounts, African American Freemasonry was concerned with far more than simply acknowledgement and respectability. The book will demonstrate that Freemasonry played a critical role in, history, politics and African American social life. In addition i discuss such topics as the impact of Greek philosophy on western civilization, the rise of Islam and its impact on the African continent and finally the grandeur and accomplishments of the moors of Spain and African people have been at the very core of this rich foundation. I discuss the comparisons between the ancient Egyptian civilization and modern day freemasonry. I explore its symbolism as well as the esoteric foundations that freemasonry relies so heavily upon. Once freemasonry reach the western hemisphere it became a tool for influencing Europe's elite. Moreover, my research covers the history of the knight's of Europe and the origins ofeuropean chivalry and how Arabic poetry played an important role in its establishment. Additional topics include Napoleon Bonaparte, The mystic shrine and the foundations of Orientalism.

Freemasonry, Greek Philosophy, the Prince Hall Fraternity


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