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My Father's Prophecy  by E. Mavis Bawuah

A daughter pays a visit to her bed-ridden sick father in a village in Ghana, West Africa. During an emotional conversation, the father, who realized that he would die in no time, asked the daughter she did not have a child for him. He further told the daughter that he is going to die in sorrow knowing he did not live to see any of her children. The daughter replied in tears that she had just completed secondary/high school and was waiting to hopefully get married before having children. Her father, weeping bitterly, held the daughter's hands, and said "you will have a good husband and you will have many children." That ended the conversation and he closed his eyes and went to sleep as the daughter thought when she said bye-bye and left. That visit was the last, and the emotional conversation on that faithful day has had a magnificent impact with abundance of blessings on the daughter

My Father's Prophecy


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