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Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder by Dr. Omar Reid, Sekou Mims and Larry Higginbottom

The authors argue that the Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder has a direct relationship with post traumatic stress disorder, thus negatively affecting African Americans in a variety of ways, from drug abuse, broken families, crime and low educational attainment to an inability to reverse poverty, achieve unity and build strong Black owned institutions. Institutions to control the image of the black race via stereotypes have not changed in 300 years - and reclaiming control of the psychological health of Black America will be essential to achieving success well beyond the recent Millions More Movement.

The authors illustrate how current dysfunctional behaviors and disorders that exist among Black people have origins linked back to the African slave period. This book documents what happened during slavery and the effect on the descendants of slaves. It gives the reader an understanding of how slavery contributed to many of the dysfunctional behaviors that are exhibited by Black people today. It also supports how Blacks have been damaged from slavery as well as the American Apartheid. To change the effects of PTSlaveryD, one must first understand the cumulative toxic effects of the trauma and then develop the necessary skills to be completely free of the disorder.

Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder


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