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The Words, Acts and Deeds of H. Khalif Khalifah by H. Khalif Khalifah

With pen in hand, and heart on fire with love for his people, H. Khalif Khalifah heeds the carion...much as the mesmerizing voice of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) did in the sixties. As one peruses Brother Khalifah's writings over the past 10 years of his publishing, one glimpses the soul of a man who has truly committed his life to the liberation of Afrikan people.
What makes this work and even more donducive read is the historical slices of 'unreported on' and controversial Black affairs covered in Khalifah's editorials, commentaries, news analysis, articles and reviews, for indeed, his newspapers, The National Newport News & Commentator (TNNN & C), is billed as "The Paper With Gutts." Therefore his work is even more monolithic as far as the 'critical analysis of current events,' due to the mainstream press unwillingness to always tell the truth.'
Without a doubt, with the founding of the "Freedoms' Journal in 1827, and thus the birth of the Black Press, Afrikans in America have known of the need to speak for themselves. It is not ofter, even here in 1993, that some our notable journalist don't 'wimp out' on writing about such controvertial issues which Khalifah brings to surface in articles such as: "Who will be the First Black to Renounce Nelson Mandela"' 'African People Reassessing Worth of Big City Mayors,' 'Eye Witness Account of the Escape of Assata Shakur.' 'Is the Usefulness of Jesse Jackson Waning?' 'BLA Member Mutulu Shakur Sentenced,' "Muslims Have Only Muslims to Blame: There Should Have Been a Holiday For Elijah Muhammad Long Ago'...and many, many more...

The Words, Acts and Deeds of H. Khalif Khalifah


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