Vision For Regenerative Harmonious Society OF WOMAN & The Law Of Maat: Love, Order & Balance by Abuna Hetep RA

This book is an African American Woman´s Vision realized from societies paradigm of addictions to a paradigm shift in Consciousness back to her True Self. To you, the reader, know this may not be what you expected, in that the title appears to be all about women. Well, this is true, however, we have all asked the question, "why am I here"? Book I, is only intended to validate the true status of women. Who hold the sacred portal of love to transport "YOU" into the world. The primary counterpart who complement and set the premise for the protective and social qualities. That bond society and suckle; nurture an affection of love and that it is "you" who must keep the love flowing. Therefore, apparently this quest includes men as well. Everybody! Realized God did not leave us alone with academia to point the way of discovering "who we are", or why we are here, on Earth. That there are Universal Laws that support all of academia, yet these laws unveil a greater purpose and our collective destiny......

Vision For Regenerative Harmonious Society OF WOMAN & The Law Of Maat


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